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Hangeul has 21 vowels, including diphthongs. Each vowel represents a different sound like in English alphabet. The three major vowels are modeled after cosmological philosophy representing “heaven (∙), earth (−) and human being (|),” and they are combined together to compose other vowels, for example:

| + ∙ = ㅏ(pronounced ‘ah’)

∙ + ㅡ = ㅗ (pronounced ‘oh’)

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While in English there are five vowels—a, e, i, o, u—in Hangeul there are eight simple vowels.

ㅏ= a

ㅓ= ŏ

ㅗ = o

ㅜ = u

ㅡ = ŭ

ㅣ= i

ㅐ= ae

ㅔ = e


Sound and intonation are very important when speaking Korean. To start with, learn how each of the vowels are pronounced. Take note of where you should place your tongue in order to make the correct sounds.

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The rest of the Hangeul vowels are made up by combining these eight with either a “y” sound or a “w” sound.

ya yo yu yae ye  
wa wae oe wi we ŭi

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