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While you are on the Middlebury campus for the School of Korean summer program, you will be expected to speak 100% of the time in Korean. You’ll take a language pledge to kick off the summer, at which point you’ll be fully immersed in an all-Korean language experience. The lessons on this site are meant to help you prepare for language immersion.

In this section of the pre-immersion course, you’ll have the chance to practice listening to some common expressions that you’ll most likely use while on campus. Click on the buttons below to begin. Each expression is written in Hangeul to give you a taste of the immersive experience.

안녕하세요Common Expression #1

안녕히 계세요Common Expression #2

안녕히 가세요Common Expression #3

실례합니다Common Expression #4

감사합니다Common Expression #5

죄송합니다Common Expression #6

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